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Seamus Tuohy, Senior Director for Business Development for Robotics and Space Operations (RSO)

Seamus Tuohy, PhD is the Senior Director for Business Development for Robotics and Space Operations (RSO) at MDA, Canada’s leading space company that has provided robotic technology and operational support for space missions including Space Shuttle, International Space Station (ISS), and now Gateway in lunar orbit.

In this role, Seamus has responsibility for providing solutions for commercial, civil and National security missions including strategy and business development of on-orbit robotics, sensors, and rover technologies for the United States space market.

Prior to his current position, Seamus led business development and strategy for the Aerospace, Defense and Civil operation at Dynetics, a Leidos corporation. Seamus played a key role in the development and production of low-velocity strike systems, civil and commercial space systems, hypersonic systems, and cyber and IT systems. Before that position, Seamus was the space program office lead for the Charles Stark Draper Laboratory responsible for strategy, business development and delivery of hardware and software products for the space market.

A recognized expert in space rendezvous, proximity operations, and docking, planetary entry, descent and landing, and space robotics, Seamus was a key contributor on such foundational programs as DARPA Orbital Express, USAF XSS-11, Space Shuttle, ISS, Cygnus, Dreamchaser, Orion, Space Launch System, and NASA’s Human Lander System. In addition, Seamus contributed to a broad range of science missions including LADEE, CYGNSS, OSIRIS-Rex, and the Parker Solar Probe.

Seamus holds a doctoral degree in Ocean Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and a Masters of Engineering Management from the Gordon Institute at Tufts University. In addition, Seamus was awarded Masters degrees in Ocean Engineering and Mechanical Engineering from MIT and a Masters and Bachelors degree in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering from the University of New Orleans.

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