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Rudranarayan Mukherjee, JPL Lead for ISAM
NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Dr. Mukherjee leads this SpaceSMART think tank. Currently, he is a Robotics Technologist at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory where he has led various robotics projects for NASA, DARPA, and other DoD and civil entities as Principal Investigator. These include Curiosity rover mobility on Mars, Mars sample return, Lunar robotic sampling and sample return, telescope assembly for astrophysics, in-space robotic servicing of geosynchronous satellites (RSGS), and robotic persistent platforms for Earth science/remote sensing. His leadership experience includes the NASA-DoD On-orbit Servicing Assembly and Manufacturing National Initiative (OSAM NI), NASA’s Strategic Capability Leadership Team for Rendezvous and Capture, topic area management for Strategic Technology Transfer and Research grants, and roles in JPL’s Office of Strategic Planning and JPL’s Chief Technologist’s Office for Astrophysics. When he is not advancing space technology, you can find him seeking inspiration from uncommon beauty in common places.

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