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The Small Spacecraft Technology program within NASA’s Space Technology Mission Directorate, expands the ability to execute unique missions through rapid development and demonstration of capabilities for SmallSats applicable to exploration, science and the commercial space sector. Through targeted development and frequent in space testing, the program:
• Enables execution of missions at much lower cost than previously possible.
• Substantially reduces the time required for development of spacecraft.
• Enables new mission architectures through the use of small spacecraft.
• Expands the reach of SmallSats to new destinations and challenging new environments.
• Enables the augmentation of existing assets and future missions with supporting SmallSats.
The program achieves its objectives through:
• Identification and investment in the development of new subsystem technologies to enhance or expand the capabilities of small spacecraft.
• Sponsorship of flight demonstrations of new technologies, capabilities and applications
• Promotion of the use of SmallSats as platforms for testing and demonstrating technologies and capabilities that might have more general applications in larger-scale spacecraft and systems.

Website: https://www.nasa.gov/smallspacecraft