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Coherent Logix, founded in 2005, are the inventors of the HyperX architecture, HyperX SoC and the HyperX Platform.

HyperX Midnight is the world’s most advanced system on a chip for space applications. It is designed for solutions that require exceptionally high levels of performance, power efficiency, upgradability, and radiation tolerance.

HyperX Midnight has the lowest Size, Weight and Power (SWaP) of any fine-grain programmable space processor, combined with exceptional performance (terabit class.) Radiation-hardened by design and including an on-board GPP, HyperX SoCs are programmable in ANSI C for up to 75% faster solution development time.

Coherent Logix Inc. is headquartered in Austin, TX. Coherent is a full-service company that provides an innovative semiconductor platform, robust software development tools and engineering design services. They empower developers to stay at the forefront of their industries by making it faster, easier, and more cost-effective to bring their ideas to life.

Company Website: http://www.coherentlogix.com

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