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Guy de Carufel, CEO
Cognitive Space

Guy de Carufel is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Cognitive Space, a Houston, TX – based startup which is pushing the boundaries in AI-driven constellation management for commercial and government purposes.

Since its founding in 2018 under Guy’s leadership Cognitive Space has grown to 35 staff and successfully executed over $7M in US Government and commercial contracts. The company’s clients include USSF, USAF, SDA, DARPA, the US Intelligence

Community as well as Terran Orbital and other commercial constellation manufacturers and operators. To date the company has raised over $10M in venture capital.

Guy’s technical expertise is in simulation and modeling, flight software development, command and data handling, and optimization software.

Prior to this venture, he was a consultant for the NASA Johnson Space Center developing safety critical flight software for the Orion Spacecraft, a guidance navigation and controls engineer for Firefly Space Systems, and an aerospace engineer for a NASA contractor. He was awarded the NASA JSC Exceptional Software of the Year Award in 2016. During his graduate studies, he contributed to 5 nanosatellite missions at the UTIAS Space Flight Lab, all of which were launched and operated successfully.

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